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Fundacion Cardiovascular de Colombia

FCV is one of the top nation hospitals. It started in 1986 in Bucaramanga, Santander thanks to the effort of a group of cardiologists eager to contribute with the well being and health of the Citizens.
Since the beginning, and in spite of a lot of difficulties and necessities the FCV has been characterized for providing high quality services, regardless of race, creed or social distinction.
Conscious of the value of life, and the importance of enjoying a healthy existence, FCV has the advanced technology, the scientific knowledge and a staff determined to give medical solutions, relief,warm and hope to those facing sickness, pain and suffer.
Our commitment to bring an excellence service allows us to obtain the highest distinctions, certificates and recognitions. That is how the Heart Institute was the first institution in our country accredited in health by the Ministry of Social Protection and ICONTEC in 2005, we received the Colombian Award for quality in 2003, and in 2006 FCV was qualified as one of the top 5 hospitals in Colombia.
Regarding the Scientific field, in 2007 the FCV set two historical significant moments by doing the first heteroptical transplant and the first neonatal transplant, procedures that had never been done before in Colombia and that opened new therapeutic possibilities, turned in new options of life for patients with heart diseases.
In the Business field, the FCV has consolidated 11 Strategic Units and a Technological Center in order to design and provide solutions for the health sector in different fields.
Our social component continues to be a fundamental column represented in social programs such as “heart to heart” and “Montañas Azules”. Every day and from different regions of the Country, we extend this help to hundreds of low-income children and families.
The purpose of the FCV is to project ourselves even more, offering more and better treatment alternatives for heart diseases, conquer new markets for our products and services, enrich our social programs and establish ourselves as the most recognized health institution of the country and Latin America.


Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery
Integral and expertise management of all cardiac and vascular diseases, including child and adult prevention, diagnosis, medical - surgical treatment, and rehabilitation.
The Cardiovascular service offers Heart Revascularization, aorta and vascular surgery, congenital heart diseases correction and cardiac transplant. We also offer treatment of cardiovascular disease by non-invasive surgical techniques, Interventionist services (hemodynamics, catheterization, angioplasty, endovascular treatment) and non-invasive methods. Our Electrophysiological laboratory has the best technology for diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmia, episodes of sudden death and syncope, with services such as mapping and ablation, and reprogramming of the pacemaker implant, cardiodesfibrilator therapy (ICD) and Cardiac Resynchronization (CRT).

Specialized in cardiac and renal transplantation for adult and pediatric population, with excellent results in morbidity. It offers the most advanced technology in this field, support of Intensive Care, exclusive operating rooms, heliport and individual cubicles for the recovery and control post-transplant. The heart transplant program was initiated in October 2004, and until November 2008 were conducted 28 successful transplants. In the renal area, between 2006 and 2008, 37 transplants were carried out.

The Department of Neuroscience has the best infrastructure and technology for the diagnosis of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems. We offer diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system, as well as management of the endovascular extra and intra cranial vascular disease, highlighting the spine neurosurgery and the surgical approach of cerebral vascular disease. The Clinic Health Care ensures the management of all types of pain, through the use of radio frequency techniques, nerve blocks and electrical neurostimulators.

High-risk obstetrics
The obstetrics unit provides comprehensive management of the pregnant woman and the fetus with high-obstetric risk factors. This unit carries out prenatal diagnosis and treatment of congenital anomalies, placental Doppler, fetal therapy and advanced invasive procedures such as amniocentesis and cordocenthesis.

We have an implant and joint replacements unit, where we perform hip and knee implants, arthroscopic and minimally invasive surgery, sports medicine, treatment of osteoarticular trauma and knee, hand, shoulder, elbow, hip, foot and ankle clinics.

Gastroenterology and Hepatology Units
We have a highly specialized team in the diagnosis and treatment of liver and gastrointestinal diseases, as well as technology. The staff has the training and technology for the performance of endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures, the treatment and diagnosis of disorders of the digestive tract and liver.

Executive check-ups
Our Medical check- ups ostensible objective is to ward off diseases, we focus on the individual, and a preventive approach thorough physical examination that includes a variety of tests (including CT scan, to detect coronary disease at an early stage) depending on the age, sex and health of the patient.

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Other specialties

General surgery
Bariatric Surgery
Cardiovascular Anesthesiology
Pediatric Dermatology
Infectious diseases
Internal Medicine
Nuclear Medicine (March 2009)

Diagnosis Supports
Electroencephalogram (Febrary 2009)
Videotelemetry (Febrary 2009)
Studies of sleep, polysomnography. (Febrary 2009)
Neuroconduction, electromyography and peripheral nerve. (Febrary 2009)
Visual, auditive and somatosensory evocated potentials. (Febrary 2009)
1.5 Tesla Resonator
Multi cut C.A.T Scan (64 slices)
Gamma camera (March 2009)
34D Ultrasound


The Heart Institute has 193 beds, distributed in hospitalization, transplant unit and neonatal pediatric and adult intensive care units.

Quality Indicators

To guarantee quality in health services, we work in the prevention of nosocomial infections, a safe practice that relies on secure surveillance systems. In 2008, the infection for cardiovascular programs was 2.1%. The death rate in cardiovascular surgery in adults was 5.27% and 6.11% for pediatrics. In the past year, the Heart Institute conducted 418 cardiovascular surgeries in adults and 394 children.

International Services Office

We understand the unique needs of international patients and we are committed to treating complex medical and surgical cases while supporting the non-medical needs of patients and their family members.
Information for international patients and referring physicians seeking treatment
We provide personalized services for your unique needs.
Our services do not end with the patient’s departure because we will keep in contact after a patient visits us for any follow-up appointments and exchange of medical information. Our goal is to help international patients access to services available.


Our Services Includes:

  • Personalized Patient Service on hand to provide any looked-for assistance throughout the patient’s stay.
  • Assist patients by scheduling medical appointments with the most appropriate practitioner, or schedule appointments addressing health issues.
  • Provide English interpretation services throughout the patient’s visit.
  • If you need any other language interpreter we arrange it. There is an additional fee for this service.
  • Arrange transportation from/to the airport (There is a fee for this service).
  • Advise in hotel accommodations.
  • During medical appointments, international patients are welcome to relax in our Lounge location. Internet access and complementary international newspapers are available.
  • Dining, entertainment and transportation assistance.
  • Second Opinions
  • Financial Arrangements.
  • Provide a cost estimate

Financial Arrangements

If you have insurance, we can help you with the following:
Reviewing whether or not your insurance is accepted in the FCV.
Helping you to understand your insurance benefits if we accept your insurance policy. Supply billing information so that you can request reimbursement from you insurance company if you need so.
Provide a cost estimate.

If you do not have insurance or do not have insurance that we can accept
You will receive an estimate for your medical care prior to your first appointment or admittance to the hospital. A full payment is required prior to your admission. Please be aware that your hospital bill may vary from the estimate based on any additional procedures, complications or changes in your medical treatment. In the event that additional treatment is recommended, it may be necessary to arrange for further payment prior to receiving those services. The final bill will not be calculated after your hospital stay is completed.

Acceptable forms of payment:
Visa, Master Card, Diners, American Express
Wire Transference

You can transfer your payment to:
Beneficiary Bank Bancolombia Panama
Account number 2000192361529
CHIP 0509
Account Number in BANCOLOMBIA PANAMA 010400052


How to become our patient

You have to contact us or send via courier, via email or fax your Medical Report. We will contact the most appropriate medical expert. After the specialist assesses your medical report, we will make contact with you so we can schedule an appointment with the physician.
In order to have a good understanding of your actual medical needs, we prefer to receive complete and current medical record information. This way, we can match your needs with the most appropriate specialist.If necessary we will ask you to send us catheterisms, X-rays, MRI, CT scan, ultrasound and pathologies to the fallowing address:

To receive more information Contact us at:

International Services Office
Fundacion Cardiovascular de Colombia
Calle 155 A No 23 58 Urbanizacion el Bosque
Floridablanca- Santander
Tel. (577) 6796470 Ext. 4184
Fax (577) 6396767 Ext 184
Cel (57) 3176609854
After we have received these reports we will confirm your appointment and schedule your surgery if necessary.Please be sure to provide accurate and clearly written information on how we may contact you via electronic mail, telephone or fax.

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Important Tips

Local Banks

Banco de Bogota
Banco de Ocidente
Banco de Credito

Consular Corps
Republica Bolivariana De Venezuela
Tel. (577) 6436621
Tel. (577) 6459393Italia Tel (577) 630 3456
España Tel (577)6320090

Palonegro Airport ( )

Airline Information
Copa Aerorepublica

If you wish, we can arrange for a taxi driver to meet you and take you to your hotel upon arrival and during your stay in FCV. There is a fee for this service.

Capital Bucaramanga
Height (m) 960 (Bucaramanga)
Temperature 25 degrees centigrade
Population 1,625,000 inhabitants
Calling codes Phones 577
Mobile phones 57

Bucaramanga, capital of the department of Santander limited by the North to the town of Rionegro, on the East with the municipalities of Matanza, Charta and Tona; by the South with the town of Floridablanca and, by the West with the town of Giron.

General features
The metropolitan area consisting of Bucaramanga, Piedecuesta, Floridablanca and Giron is located on the Valle del Río de Oro. It is distinguished in two sectors of two sectors of different physical shape: one made up of the plateau and another through the valley.